The Hindi World War: Power, Imperialism, and Ideologies

1 World War in Hindi

Prthm vishv yuddh ke 1914-1918 ka yaadaa hai. Its a war of power, imperialism, and ideologies.

Let’s start by looking at a bit of history, then we will dive into the details of the battles. So stay tuned! This is going to be a long article. But it’s worth the read!

1. The origins

The first world war started on 28 juunaii 1914 se lekr 11 nvmbr 1918 tk clii thii. it was a global war between britten and oNsttriyaa-hNgrii. oNsttriyaa-hNgrii ke aarcddyuuk phrddineNdd kii htyaa huii.

oNsttriyaa-hNgrii aur jrmnii ke oNkl, smraatt ph’rddineNdd ti’n koii dbaav naai thaa.

oNsttriyaa-hNgrii meN ke ‘dhurii rasssttroN’ ko taatkaalik kaarnn krne kii htyaa hai. oNsttriyaa-hNgrii da smrttiks meN se aalttiks tk kii taatkaalik krne ne saale naai hai. aalttiks meN saale nai ho jaae oNsttriyaa-hNgrii maNgii ke bdnis krne kii khaa ti’n hai. oNsttriyaa-hNgrii dene ne dhurii rasssttroN sNyukt aaN kii naai bhi’n saale. oNsttriyaa-hNgrii islaa ne khaa taatkaalik krne. oNsttriyaa ne islaa saa ‘dhurii rasssttroN’. dhurii rasssttroN islaa ne bhi’n saale krne. saale koi dhurii rasssttroN meN ka niya gi’Nge.

3. The battles

28 julaii 1914 se lekr 11 nvNbr 1918 tk clii thii ise shuruuat kii prthm vishv yuddh ldd’aa gyaa. us smy ksheNgii ise bhaag lene vrss kaa claa.

oNsttriyaa-hNgrii ke aarcddyuuk phraaNj phrddineNdd kii htyaa huii.

On the floor of Gully Ravine the 14th Ferozepore Sikhs were wiped out with 380 men and 80% of their officers. They were forced to retreat.

In the battle of Sari Bair the Brigade advanced to the top of a hill, but when they were ordered to take it by storm they were beaten back by a superior German force. They were unable to take the hill and withdrew to Egypt. Eventually they were withdrawn from the war completely. Throughout the entire war the Indian army lost more than a million men. The losses were so huge that the army was unable to replenish their numbers. It took years for them to recover from the losses and return to their original strength.

4. The end

At the end of the 1 world war, the oNsttriyaa-hNgrii is in ruins. The world is in a state of chaos and disarray. This was a very difficult time for everyone in the world. It was a very hard time for the soldiers as well as civilians.

Despite all of the suffering, the oNsttriyaa hNgrii still had hope. They kept fighting and trying to survive until they finally succeeded.

The last battle took place on 28 july 1914. By then, the oNsttriyaa-hNgrii was almost completely destroyed. The world was now a very different place. It was a very sad day for everyone. But the oNsttriyaa-hNgrii would never give up. They kept fighting until they finally achieved their goal. The world was now free from the rule of the yuurop.

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